Monday, May 12, 2014

Boys' Bibs

My last post being about another project started and none of the previous ones yet finished, I thought I would share my quick and dirty response to quilt piecing. Boys' bibs. Thing Two is one mucky pup who loves his food and is still learning to get most of the food in. Fair does, it is tricky when your mum gives you soup or musli. Here is this mum's answer:

I cut them a while ago from laminated cotton from my stash. I carefully pinned one and then tried to sew it. It is a long while since I sewed anything vaguely laminated. To give me my dues, even then it was on a different machine. After the machine had chomped its way through a bit,  I decided this was not the way to come out with something that satisfied even a quick and dirty sew. Well, I thought to myself, laminated fabric doesn't fray..... what about zigzagging it? For some strange reason my machine happily zigzagged it's way around these. I just carefully trimmed them around the stitching, added some cam snaps and they were ready to go. They have been tried and tested and the verdict was.... why did I wait so long?

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