Who we are

Everyone wants to know a little about the person who's voice they are hearing. This is who we are....

We’re YveeB & Britta B, two sewists, seamstresses, fabric obsessed, material loving, creative women living at the two ends of Germany. We’ve got day jobs (several to be precise) and lots of feet trampling through our lives demanding attention. In this little space we’d like to show you what we are up to (mainly at night, when we're not dealing with all the stuff that all of us deal with day in day out...), what we think about when we sew and where our inspiration comes from. There will be disasters to be seen too…. We are too familiar with the stitch ripper to ignore its presence in our lives!!

There are a zillion blogs, websites and books out there doing exactly the same thing, so why read ours? Well, we’re also interested in sewing for the male species. We’re responsible for a few of them and have discovered that although they make up half of the world’s population, they are seriously underrepresented on the sewing for scene (on the sewing scene too, but that is for others to deal with!). There will be few bows and furbelows here, little pink and lots of rough and tumble, practical and hardwearing stuff. 

Being chatty types, we’d love to hear from and talk to you, so don’t be shy in commenting.