Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why is music so important? Nothing to do with Sewing

 This week I am off on a little trip. There will be fabric interludes but the point is a different one. A wonderful friend (of Cadbury's fame) has treated me to a gig. She got tickets to see James in Oxford. Anyone who has know me for more than the past five years, knws my ridiculous love for this band and how I spent two wonderful years in Oxford. It is the most wonderful present someone could give to me!And one that really could have only come from about four people!!

Whilst I am getting very excited about this, I really would like to know what music means to you. Yes, everyone of you reading this.... are you someone who just listens to the radio, someone who (used) to choose their friends depending on their record collections, someone who loves classical music, someone who looses themselves in the tune and beat.... go on tell me. I'd love to know. AND if you had to pick two songs/pieces what would they be (and maybe even why)? I'd love to be inspired by your choices.

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  1. It has to be Mozart The Marriage of Figaro preferably with Kiri Te Kanawa singing. First seen at the Proms in 1973 and then a fantastically funny modern production at the Sydney Opera House in March 2012