Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sign of Life

Hello there! Long time no see, long time no sew!

Birthday celebrations on the beach. Who cares about the weather?

I did not get lost in Oxford, nope I got swallowed up by a money making project. My summer has been a non-summer, wrapped up in number crunching and the like. A girl has to earn the cash to sustain a fabric habit, doesn't she?! And what of Madame B, I hear you ask... she disappeared too. Yup, kids, work and fingers not fit for sewing made her take a break too. But just as school goes back, we're back too.

I on my part have spent the last two days at the sewing machine. Life sometimes (very seldomly) gives you the opportunity and this time I grabbed it with both hands. I finished yet more table linen, two cushion covers and continued with Thing 1's shirt. Remember that? Now time to finish it. Pictures coming later. It seriously is too dark to be able to take decent pictures at the moment. Didn't miss much of a summer this year!

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  1. So, this is a totally unsupportive unrelated to sewing quewstion. What are the punch and judy hut cross picnic basket thingies???? I