Monday, April 7, 2014

And sew it started…

Back in a previous life, when Yvee was still living in a big city life, Thursday nights were spent in a cosy sewing space in a dream shop (if you are in the neighbourhood go along to Caro von Jordan’s  with Britta and some other great sewing friends. 

Well life moved on and Yvee had to go with it. On a spontaneous trip back to the city, we sat, just us, drinking coffee in the sun, dreaming of all the things we wanted to make and do and lamenting about the lack of sewing time and decent patterns for boys.  

Everyone knows there is only one way to start. Get on with it. So here we are. And as we are starting as we mean to go on, we’re starting with Kids Clothes Week. Having scoured the internet for cool stuff (well if you know where to look, it’s not that difficult, but then if you knew where to look you wouldn’t have such a problem finding your keys either!), Yvee chose these

Britta being the one that is faaaaaaaaaaaar better at finishing stuff is being disciplined and dealing with that first. Well better be getting off to bed. It’s an early up tomorrow ‘specially if these beauties are going to be wearable by the end of the week!!

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