Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kids Clothes Week - Cutting and Cutting

So yesterday ended with me taking the moody beast to a very nice man who promised to repair it. The whole incident put a bit of a dampner on my sewing mojo. But I decided that nothing was gained by moping and that if in doubt cutting out the next project is the way to go. So I cut out Toni and bought and bought the Prepster Pullover pattern. Nothing like sticking to your guns.

It was a bit dark in the kitchen where I cut Toni out. And even I have to admit that Husband was right when he pointed out that the whole affair reminded him of the 1970s. Stripes, brown, orange, brushed cotton, slim top.. Well I survived the 70s, (and the 80s!) so he will too. Maybe I'll whack a great big fat star on the front in a tribute to the 10s.

I got the bodice part sewed up before falling into bed to dream about a repaired serger......

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