Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kids Clothes Week - Prepster Pullover

Thing One seriously needs things with long arms in his wardrobe. It isn't that warm here yet (in sunny Southern Germany) and he seems to have lots of short sleeved tops but not much to keep him any warmer.

This is where a couple of long sleeved shirts come into play. I picked up this lovely blue and white checked cotton about a zillion years ago. For anyone from Düsseldorf, it came from the Pfaff shop on Wehrhahn. That place has been gone a long time. Well I digress a little.

Not much to show yet apart from the material and my little helper here

It is really soft and I am hoping that the lack of proper collar and large amount of buttons will reconcile Thing One to it. If it is an easyish sew,  then there will be several more and Melly Sews made it as it is a nice multisize pattern, then there can be some for Thing Two too. Sounds like a deal to me. I shall keep you posted.

Anyone else have little ones that just love to push pins into fabric?

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  1. Perhaps I had better not put the sewing machine away.