Monday, April 7, 2014

Kids Clothes Sewing Week... Boy's Purple Cords

My sewing methods are less than fast and efficient. Somehow I can’t really just print out/trace the pattern pieces, decide on my trims and then get on with it. I cut out the main pattern pieces, fiddle around with colours and trims, wonder if there is a better option lurking in my material den. Shall I use yardage or shall I try and bodge it out of some existing clothes. And then once I have decided on the fabric to use, I mentally have to say good bye to all the other things I could have made out of that precise piece of material (in today’s case… good bye groovy purple cords, goodbye cute purple corduroy skirt).

So today I am sewing Thing Two a basic pair of cords. He is little… two to be precise so there is still time to be loud, bright and a little bit playful with his clothes. Thing One would gladly wear those kind of clothes too, but I am a little more reserved as there is nothing worse (well there is really) than being teased about the clothes you wear. He gets funky PJs instead! Back to Thing Two… got the cord, now time to look and see what I can use for the waistband that goes with the purple. I am going to use ribbing as I’d like them to be super fast to sew and very comfy. I am secretly hoping that nappies will become a feature of the past over the next few months and a fly isn’t conducive to that. My purple ribbing is too soft, berry red makes them look kind of girlie. Nothing wrong with girliness, but Thing Two is everything but girlie. I settle on grey. Now time to get cutting. 

boys purple clothes

 Trousers cut…. I think a pocket would look good and it would be a handy place to put tissues. Those tissues that cover all the clothes in white bits in the washing machine have to come from somewhere, don’t they? Pockets cut…. Oh now here is an opportunity to use some of my boy trim. Out it comes. And hey, well now I could cover the top of the pocket with a different material. Back to the fabric den… I come back with some purple and white striped material that has up to now spent it’s life being a man’s shirt. Fiddle it around the pocket, yay…  I like it. Oh no, do the trousers need turn-ups? They will be too long to start with. Well the striped material will get dirty really quickly and the only grey I have to go with the waistband is light too. So quick decision against turn-ups. I suppose I can always put some material in later, if I change my mind.

Well now it is all collected, I can continue to cut and pin. I now know what the trousers will look like and how I want to go about them. Now it is time though to get on with other stuff. But I suppose this is the creative bit that takes them time. ….. I’m just nipping off to see if red ribbing wouldn’t be better. I do have some bright red…..(YveeB)

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