Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kids Clothes Week.... Boy's Purple Cords... II

So I once I had got all my fabric, trim, ideas and stuff together, I sewed like a fiend. Time flew. I got pockets done,

I got trim on, even keeping the stitches on the red part of the ribbon. I was feeling very proud of myself.

I even got the topstitching on the pocket and the hem of the trousers done nicely. 

By then it was past midnight. I got my nice soft, grey waistband cut and pinned. You've guessed it by now. I was half way around the waistband on my overlock and she started to play up. The stitching started to get loopy. But it was almost 1am..... I ignored it. And now I know, as I knew before, don't ignore the moody beast. She is a moody beast. She doesn't like being up after midnight. There was a terrible snap, a needle broke and now the machine is fit for the repair man. The presser foot handle even flipped over?! Not sure how that could happen. 

The groovy purple corduroy trousers still have a quarter of the waistband to be attaached. I had to bite the bullet and finsh them on my regular sewing machine. Grr.....

Having said that, I think they are quite groovy. Let's hope Thing Two does too! 


  1. These are lovely - I adore that contrast trim on the pockets.

  2. boo to broken sewing machines but hurrah for the trousers, they look great, I love all the contrast bits.

  3. Beautiful! Well done. Hope your moody beast stays happy the rest of the week :)

  4. Looking forward to seeing the real thing next week.