Sunday, June 1, 2014

UFO Stashbusting

I have a big fabric stash. Lots of us do. I have committed to not buying any new fabric until a substantial amount of my stash has been reduced. I joined a Facebook Group to help keep my promise. It's not so easy with all those tempting fabrics out there. Enough said about that. I'll come back to my stash again another day.

Right now I am trying to reduce my U(n)F(inished) Objects stash. Inspired by Prolific Project Starter's dress, I have decided to reduce those two boxes of projects to zero by mid-June. This is the reason why I have been so quiet. I have been sewing like a mad thing. Some of them only need a little bit of work and they are done, some need bits taking apart and redoing, some are just cut out and some have irreparable mistakes (at least from my point of view now). In the past week I have finished 5 pairs of PJ trousers (will be posted about later), three Christmas stockings, a bread basket, two bibs and a summer top. Yipee! More pictures to follow....

German translations will follow too for the next posts. Promise!


  1. Oh, I am honoured. And I have no way finished my pile (alhtough, if I was any good at finishing stuff I wouldn't have a 20 year old dress lying about that I could finish would I, plus I'd be called ProlificProjectFinisher). Which still includes your skirt. Looks like I need to get a wriggle on....

  2. You have been busy. I finished another piece yesterday as well.
    You do need a good stash. As you know I have a considerable stash and yesterday I had need to use a piece I bought in Santa Barbara in the early 1980s.