Thursday, June 12, 2014

When the postman brings a purple parcel

(watch out! Off topic post) know someone has been thinking seriously about you. Life is c r a z y here at the moment. Nothing of much great matter but still all time and energy consuming. Both for Britta and I. We haven't been sewing, so there is nothing much to tell.

(Aufgepasst!Ein post ohne Thema)...du weißt, dass jemand ernsthaft an Dich gedacht hat. Das Leben ist momentan verrückt hier. Keine große Sache, aber hoher Zeit- und Energieverbrauch. Für uns beide. Britta und mich. Wir kommen kaum zum Nähen, also gibt es nicht viel zu berichten.

But look what I got in the post. Ahhhh... thank you lovely Cadbury's Dairy Milk sending lady! You saved my week

Aber seht, was in der Post war. Ahhhh...danke liebe  Cadbury's Dairy Milk Schickerin! Du hast meine Woche gerettet!

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  1. You had better sew some new clothes in a larger size!